It Begins...
A World of Horror, Crime, Brutality, and Lies
From Ones in which We Despise
So Strong, but, So Weak
Change Means Defeat!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Marxism, Communism, Control,
These are just a few Things the American Government are working on for our "well being"
The Government is trying to Come out with a new law saying growing organic vegetables is illegal, and that if you have a Sticker saying "WE THE PEOPLE" or speak of the Constitution that your a Domestic Terrorist, There's also the issue with the new Identification cards Licenses, I.D.s, etc. are going to have MICRO CHIPS that are track able by the Government meaning they will know every step you make, Also, anyone with Fifty dollars can buy a electric devise that can read all your personal information and take whatever information they wont, Meaning New Futuristic Criminals, and the Government is giving it to them. The Government is also saying that if Marshal Law is ever declared that the special Army units and authorities will SHUT DOWN all Food Stores and CONTROL the people with food, Sounds Like our Freedoms are being taken away every second, SO, "WE THE PEOPLE" need to start standing up for ourselves before its to late. CAUSE THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE WONT STOP!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

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Many Advantages Of Cannabis

Many Advantages Of Cannabis

The Real Meaning of the Peace sign

The Real Meaning of the Peace sign
Regular sign that everyone thinks is Peace, but, Really Means DEATH.

Real Meaning of The Peace Sign

Real Meaning of The Peace Sign
Upside down meaning LIFE.

Billy Meier 1 of 3 - Not for the weak minded

Billy Meier part 2 of 3

Billy Meier Part 3 of 3

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